DA 200 Form - Transmittal Record Oct 12th, 2017   [viewed 48 times]

What Is DA 200 Transmittal Record Form?

For a common person, dealing with army documentation seems to be a real trouble. Luckily, usually only professionals and engaged individuals have to prepare it. Mostly, they know well what information and where should be provided, who will receive a concrete paper and so on. DA-200 form is also quite popular among soldiers and militaries as it has in great request area of usage and thus people who are not related to it may never even hear about such a document.

This paper also known as Transmittal Record is intended to keep a track of transferring of a cargo or just an item between the shipper and the receiver. It has to be filled by the sender. To organize necessary information properly and quickly it is possible to use special online forms instead of their paper analogues.

Where to Get DA 200 Form?

There are many sites that provide such fillable templates. You may go to http://da-200-form.com/ and undergo some simple steps to create the document.

  • Firstly, open the main page and read the instruction.
  • Click the ‘Start Now’ button.
  • Fill out the form with all the required details.
  • Sign the file and forward it to the recipient or firstly send it for further signing.

PDF format can be easily converted into another appropriate for your needs. You may also print it and keep a copy.

How to Complete DA 200 Form?

To prepare everything correct make sure you are aware of all nuances that have to be mentioned. The template has to be filled with the following data:

  1. Security classification and number of shipment.
  2. File identification.
  3. Date of the form preparation and time of shipment.
  4. Authority for transportation.
  5. Control symbol. Place of dispatch and location of delivery.

Don’t forget to provide names of both parties engaged. Forward the document online or attach it to the cargo.